Your personal possessions, which are not intended for disposal or consumption in Zimbabwe, are allowed entry duty-free. In addition, other consumable goods, which are not merchandise imported for trade purposes, may be imported up to a value of US$ 300.00 per person. Alcoholic beverages may be included within this allowance by persons over the age of 18 years, subject to a limit of 5 litres per person, of which not more than 2 litres may be spirits.


a) Airport tax (US$30 for international & US$5 for domestic flights) is mostly included in the ticket fare.

b) Following taxes are payable by motorists:

i) Carbon tax (min. US$6, max. US$30) based on the engine capacity of the vehicle

ii) Limpopo Bridge fee: US$10 per vehicle either way

iii) Road access fees: US$10 on entry as well as road tax of between US$1 and US$5

c) Third party insurance: Vehicles must be insured against third party risks arising in Zimbabwe. Short-term policies are obtainable at the border.

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