National Gallery of Zimbabwe

National Gallery of Zimbabwe contains a fantastic collection of African art and artifacts. You can see many handmade African ornaments both new and ancient.

You can also see the paintings by African artists showing the culture and life in their land. If you drop in the area at the right time of the year, you may also enjoy being a part of Harare International Festival of Arts which is a week-long festival attended by tourists from around the globe. The festival is rich with all forms of art including African dance, drama and theatre. As you book you cheapest airlines to Zimbabwe, it will be a good idea to book your tickets on dates when you can attend this amazing festival. As your day ends after all the sightseeing around the town, you can join in one of the many night clubs and bars spread through the city center and enjoy African jazz along with wonderful food and boost up your energies to see the remaining countless attractions in Harare the next day before you get back your hotels offering wonderful holiday deals for your stay in Harare.

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