Domboshawa Caves

Harare is certainly one of the best places on earth which makes you close to nature. If you love animals and are interested to have a close look at them then book your cheap tickets to Harare as it certainly is the best place for you to be.

The city has natural parks at every step and you are never bored visiting one after another. You stay in Harare will be totally diverse and filled with new experiences of being close to nature.

To begin your vacation in Harare one of the best locations would be Domboshawa and Ngomokurira. These small sites are located towards the north of Harare and are famous for depicting the culture of ancient Zimbabwe. Both these locations contain cave paintings drawn by early African civilizations and as you try to look closely at the cave art, you will understand the evolution of African culture to date.

The paintings show the sights of hunting, farming, marriages and family life. There are many painting showing the significance of nature and animals in culture of African tribes. Once you are done sightseeing at the location of Domboshawa and Ngomokurira, you can drive back to the city center and try one the nature parks in the city. Lion and Cheetah Park can be one of your finest choices as here you can see all kinds of big cats at amazingly less distance. Tourists can drive around the park and can see lions and cheetahs walking around the grasslands.

You can also see other animals like elephants, giraffes, baboons and crocodiles in this park. This trip will certainly be like a scene from some Hollywood movie in which you can see such deadly animals at insanely close distances.


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